5 New Year’s Diffuser Blends To Help Keep Those Resolutions On Track

It’s a new year finally!

It’s time to leave the mess that was 2020 behind and focus on 2021 and yourself!  Whether you resolution is to eat better, exercise more, be happier, do better at school or work, or even be closer to your family or friends, we have a few blends to help you stay on track!

New Year's Essential Oil blend for motivation

Let’s get motivated!

Our motivation blend has peppermint, lemon and frankincense for help clear your mind or worry and doubt and let you focus on what’s important.  Lemon, peppermint and frankincense are all fantastic at helping to uplift your mood, boost energy and circulation and adding a extra pep to your step.    

New Year's Essential Oil Blend for Focus

Focus on a new you for the new year!

Our focus blend incorporates lemon and peppermint to brighten your mood, increase energy and helps you to attention and focus on the important tasks at hand, whether its work, school or time your family and friends.  


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