6 CBD essential oils for relaxing and reducing stress

Best CBD Essential Oils for Relaxing and Reducing Stress

We are creatures of routine.  Most of us eat, sleep and work about the same times everyday.  When something disrupts our patterns, stresses build up which can lead to drastic changes in our lives from sleep disruption, eating disorders, inflammation and pain to anxiety and depression.  With so little extra time in our days, finding ways to combat the stresses can be difficult.  Some have turned to over-the-counter and prescription medication to overcome some of these obstacles.  Others have turned to more natural therapeutics like cannabis and aromatherapy.

Top 6 CBD essential oils for relaxing

For those in the know, aromatherapy is a natural way to use a plant’s natural essence to help treat a wide range of physical and mental conditions, including burns, infections, depression, insomnia, and high blood pressure.  Essential oils can be diffused like an aerosol or infused into a variety of products like topicals, soaps, shampoos and more.  

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid from the cannabis plant.  For newcomers, our bodies have what is called the Endocannabinoid System, which is naturally able to bind with cannabinoids like CBD to help regulate mood, temperature, hunger, and more.  CBD, unlike THC, does not produce a high and therefore is more widely accepted as a remedy for many conditions such as stress and anxiety.  

What you may not know, is that cannabinoids, like CBD, naturally compliment the benefits of essential oils through what is called the Entourage Effect.  By including more parts of the hemp plant such as terpenes rather than a singular part, such as CBD, there’s a boost in the health benefits and overall therapeutic effect.  Hemp plants are loaded with terpenes.  The same terpenes that are readily found in essential oils.  By infusing hemp-derived CBD into the same essential oils found everywhere, we can increase the therapeutic value of essential oils and the CBD.  These are called CBD essential oils and are part of the growing phenomenon known as High CBD Aromatherapy. 

CBD essential oils have a wider range of benefits, with each oil boasting its own specific benefits and terpene makeup.  CBD infused essential oils rich with linalool and lavenden like Lavender, improve the ability to calm your body and mind and promote rest.  Oils like peppermint rich in menthol, will have an energizing and invigorating effect on your body, increasing blood circulation and boosting your mental capacities.  When CBD is added, the difference is noticeable, and for many, preferred.  Infusing CBD helps to facilitate and restore an all-around balance for your body.

So which ones are best to help you relax?

Lavender, Lemongrass, Lemon, Frankincense, Bergamot and Sweet Orange all have terpenes that help bring a calm to your body and mind.  With the infusion of CBD, the ability to reduce irritations and facilitate feelings of calm and peace are enhanced.  

Lavender, a well known relaxing and restful essential oil, is the typical go-to oil for relaxing.  The calming floral fragrance is commonly used in the evening and night to create a full body and mind relaxation effect.  Lavender CBD Essential oil can be diffused or infused into a lotion, face-wash, facial toner and much more.  Using an intermittent diffuser will help from overwhelming aromas and allow the oils to give you a greater length of calm.  When a complete relaxation is not what you want, especially during a busy day, seeking oils with higher levels of citrus may be the answer.

Lemon, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass and Bergamot are all citrus heavy oils with terpenes that are able to uplift your mood, boost your energy and relax your mind and body from stress.  Citrus based oils are great for daytime use since they do not contain high amounts of terpenes that promote rest and sedation.  Lemon, lemongrass, bergamot and sweet orange can be used at home in a diffuser or on the go with a car or personal diffuser to help keep the effects active and working hard.  When reducing stress and troubling thoughts, there is another oil that can benefit your day, Frankincense.   

Frankincense is known to be a more spiritual oil and is commonly used to create a peaceful environment, especially during thought heavy activities like meditation.  Since meditation requires the mind to focus, Frankincense’s ability to reduce wandering thoughts is extremely helpful. This same property can help calm your mind in times of high stress without leaving you feeling tired or too energized.  

Since CBD essential oils contain the calming cannabinoid CBD, most oils will provide the stress relief you need.  FInding the right one to compliment your day and current needs will help provide the best experience and results.  When choosing an oil to use, think ahead to what you are hoping to accomplish and use oils that fall within those boundaries.  Doing this will help avoid any unwanted jitters or sleepiness and hep put your day back on the right track!