CBD for Pain Relief – Which Product is Best for My Pain?

Before you randomly choose a CBD product marketed for pain relief, make sure it contains the right ingredients to help your pain.  Just like there are many different products for headaches (Excedrin, Tylenol, Advil, etc..), finding the one that helps you first requires understanding what your pain is from.

*If daily aches are common, a 2-part regiment may be the answer.  By using a combination of a tincture during the morning and night to help boost your body’s natural response to pain and inflammation as well as a relieving topical for spot treatments and localized relief, your body has a greater level of defense.

Minor Aches & Pains

Damaged Nerve Pain

Muscle & Joint Pain

Chronic Pain


CBD For Nerve Pain

Created specifically to combat nerve pain, MaxRelief Plus Recovery Oils and Balms are crafted with deep penetrating botanical oils specifically chosen to carry the benefits of the essential oils and hemp to where they are needed.

CBD For Chronic Pains

Recurring pains from conditions like fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis require stronger doses and the ability to deal with tough pain.  A 2 part regiment of a tincture and a topical is often best for those with these types of pain to help your body respond to the pain and inflammations while using a spot treatment to relieve areas of need.  If your pain is too widespread for a topical, a higher dosage tincture is often best with a recovery oil, lotion or cream that can be used throughout the day.

CBD For Daily Aches and Pains

Life can do a number on our muscles and joints from our daily routines.  For general aches and pains from daily life, our clients have found a combination of a Tincture and a cream, balm, lotion or roll-on help keep aches and pains at bay.

CBD For Pain From Muscle or Joint Overuse

Do your muscles and joints ache after a good workout or a strenuous activity?  Muscle and joint pains are common from overuse or overexertion and providing your body with an extra boost of anti-inflammatory as well a pain reliever can help us get back to normal, faster.

CBD For Pain From Headaches & Migraines

While it is best to try to find the source of the headaches or migraines, we have products formulated to help.

CBD for pain

CBD is most often associated with helping to relieve stress, sleep, inflammation and pain.  While CBD can help reduce stress, promote sleep and reduce inflammation and pain, understanding how and why it works is a very important aspect of using hemp CBD.

MaxRelief is our signature blend for tough pain relief.  Every good product line should have a good story behind it… and our MaxRelief line is no different.  When we first began to develop CBD products for pain relief, we chose to work directly with local clientele, people we knew and would hopefully have the honor of helping.  Not every version we created during our trials worked as well as we hoped, but it is through failure that success is born.  After months of working on our formulas and a plethora of feedback, we were able to create a formula that used a simple blend of all-natural essential oils and deep-penetrating carrier oils that helped our clients find relief.  After we knew the base formula worked, we were able to infuse the CBD that strengthened the formula.

MaxRelief – All-Natural and Infused with CBD For Pain

Pain Relief Massage and Body Oil was our first iteration and used 400mg of hemp, a standard dose used by most companies within the wellness industry.  While this helped with lower level pains, and made for an excellent body oil, it was not enough to achieve the greater level of pain relief for the conditions we were beginning to target such as neuropathy and arthritis.  In order to achieve the results we knew we needed, we looked to a few more essential oils, ones that would compliment the ones were already knew were helping and a higher dosage of hemp for greater inflammation relief that leads to a greater amount of pain relief.  And thus, MaxRelief and MaxRelief Plus were born.

The most important lesson we learned was that quality pain relief starts with reducing inflammation.  Unlike over the counter medications which unnaturally dull or block pain receptors, a true remedy needs to work from the ground up.  Inflammation is not always visible but is often the lead source of pain.  By targeting the inflammation first with all-natural carrier oils and essential oils, this allowed the additional oils to work much stronger and faster to alleviate pain.

Today, we have developed over a dozen products using our signature formula for pain to allow anyone to find the relief they need using the method that best matches their lifestyle.  Some of us like creams and lotions, while others prefer soaks.

Our Guarantee To Every Client

We are proud of the fact that every MaxRelief and MaxRelief Plus product was formulated for one our clients in need of pain and inflammation relief and successfully helped them.  We firmly believe that most people can achieve a level of relief that will help make life better for them.  While some conditions can be much more difficult to work with, we will stand by on your journey until we have exhausted every single all-natural option.  While we cannot guarantee that every person who uses our product formulations will achieve the same results, but we can assure each person that if this iteration does not provide the level of relief you need, we will customize a new product just for you completely free, or refund your money in full.  A journey of pain relief is not one that should be done alone and we want to stand by you until you find products that help your life.. better.