4 Easy To Make Essential Oil Mask Spray Recipes

DIY Mask Spray RecipesHow can mask spray recipes can help me?

2020 has been a year of lifestyle change for all of us due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  As business closed for safety reasons, many of us were forced to work from home.  Many children who regularly attended school were moved to remote learning at home or neighborhood bubbles.  Social distancing took priority over holidays and daily activities.  Even going out to the store became a cumbersome activity filled with uncertainty.  Perhaps the most lasting change, was the need to wear a mask in public.

In the US, we are a culture of social activity.  From sports to holidays, we love to have get-togethers and be social.  Unfortunately, doing so right now is a risk.  In order to reduce this risk, we are asked to wear masks.  While wearing a mask can help stave off infection at a greater rate than not wearing one, they inherently come with their own issues.  Luckily, our inventive culture has found ways to make mask wearing more palatable and in some cases, enjoyable.

Why do we need to wear a mask?

The Coronavirus, also know as Covid-19, is a highly infectious virus that is transmitted much the same way as a cold or flu.  Germs can be spread through touching our faces and then spreading them around to whatever we touch.  Even more devastating, it can be spread through the air.  The Coronavirus molecule is so small, it can be suspended in the air like an aerosol and make the air just as contagious as touch.  In order to avoid the dangers, we wear masks to prevent and limit the amount of air that actually in inhaled.  Some masks are much more effective than others, but reusable cloth masks have become the norm.  While they are less restrictive than higher grade masks, they have the same limitations and irritations.

Common mask wearer complaints

A good mask is made of several layers of cloth.  This helps to prevent Coronavirus molecules from passing through all the way.  While wearing a mask for a extended periods is safer, it comes with several drawbacks.

You are rebreathing the same stale air over and over with little fresh air passing through.

Bad breath tends to be much more noticeable.

Moisture builds up from talking.

Oily skin, acne and rashes can become more prevalent.

It can make you feel claustrophobic or closed-in.

The number one complaint, is the heat buildup on your face. Especially now, as we move indoors for the winter, indoor heaters can exacerbate already present conditions like this.

What can you do to make mask wearing easier?

Mask sprays have begun to popup all over the internet.  From DIY recipes with essential oils to branded products.  Like any major event, there will be companies who will capitalize on the events to create and promote products.  Many of the mask sprays are really simple recipes made with essential oils, carrier oils and water.  The benefits of using a mask spray are many however and they are becoming more popular as the pandemic rages on.

If you have witchhazel, distilled water and essential oils at home, you already have the beginnings of a good mask spray.  Here are a few recipes that are calming and uplifting to help make mask-wearing more enjoyable!

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DIY CBD Mask Spray Recipes

4 easy to make mask spray recipe with CBD to help calm your stress, uplift your mood and make them smell AMAZING!
Prep Time10 minutes
Active Time5 minutes
Total Time15 minutes
Keyword: DIY Mask Spray, Essential Oil Recipes, Mask Spray
Yield: 1 Bottle
Author: LC
Cost: <$5


  • 2oz empty amber or clear bottle
  • Spray Mister for 2oz Bottle
  • Face Masks


  • Oz Witch-hazel
  • 1 Oz Distilled Water
  • 8 Drops Essential Oil Use singles or blends - see noted for recommendations
  • 1 Piece Funnel


  • Sanitize your empty bottle. Water promotes mold and mildew so this is important.
  • Using your funnel, add 1oz of witch-hazel to the empty bottle (about halfway full)
  • Using the funnel, add 1oz of distilled water (Should be nearly full)
  • Add 8 drops of your essential oil or blend.
  • Place spray cap on bottle and tighten.
  • Shake well! (Essential oils and water do not ix, so you will need to shake well before every use.)
  • Spray inside of mask 1-2 times and allow to air dry for a few minutes.
  • Place facemask on your face and enjoy!


You can use any essential oil but for calming, uplifting or acne fighting benefits, use the recipes below!

Uplifting Mask Spray Recipes

Uplifting and invigorating Mask Spray Recipe
Uplifting and Energizing Mask Spray Recipe

Calming Mask Spray Recipes

Calming and Relieving Mask Spray Recipe
Calming and Protective Mask Spray Recipe

Mask Care Tips

  • Wash it every day
    • If you are using a reusable fabric mask, make sure to wash it in hot water after every use.
  • Use a filter
    • A mask with a charcoal or carbon filter can help reduce contaminants and dirt from the air.
  • Freshen your breath
    • Use this homemade mouthwash to help prevent bad breath.

      Homemade Peppermint Mouthwash


      • 8 ounces of water
      • 1 teaspoon baking soda
      • 6 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
      • 2 drops Thieves Essential Oil
      • 8-ounce container with a pour spout
  • Avoid ‘mascne’
    • Wearing a mask can irritate skin which may lead to acne. Be sure to thoroughly clean your skin after wearing a mask with a face wash and follow up with a toner. If acne persists, try a blemish gel at night.