Hemp essential oil vs hemp oil – Where to buy

If you’ve ever asked yourself Where can I buy Hemp Essential Oil?, you’re not alone.  A quick google search reveals they exist, but not easily found.  Many oils and tintures have essential oils in them for flavoring, but these are not essential oils infused with hemp, but rather hemp oil with added essential oils.  They are not the same.

Hemp essential oil and hemp oil are 2 terms which seem to be used nearly interchangeably online… however they are very different and have different uses.  Hemp oil, which is often mistaken for hemp cbd oil as well, is actually a carrier oil, and a good one for your skin at that.  Clarity has been further exacerbated by the introduction of Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil and Full Spectrum Hemp oil, both use the term Hemp Oil although they do contain cannabinoids, namely CBD.  Hemp essential oils on the other hand, refer to the blending of hemp and various essential oil scents.  While this can be a hemp seed oil infusion, it more commonly refers to the infusion of hemp-derived CBD isolate or oil to aid in hemp aromatherapy.

Hemp essential Oil vs Hemp Oil

What is hemp essential oil?

Hemp essential oil is the infusion of hemp-derived CBD oil and essential oils.  There is nearly no other combination in nature so destined to be infused together as hemp and essential oils.  They are dynamic compliments to each other and by blending the two all-natural plant extractions, you increase the therapeutic potential of both through the Entourage Effect.  The Entourage Effect is the synergistic relationship between terpenes and cannabinoids that increase the benefits of each by working together to amplify and tune the effects and benefits.   Learn more about the Entourage Effect here.

Does hemp essential oil get you high?   Hemp infused essential oil only contains legal cannabinoids like CBD and other minor cannabinoids that do not have ANY psychoactive or euphoric effects.

Essential oil blends can be a powerful combination when applied and used correctly, relieving many of the ailments and bodily stresses daily life puts on you naturally.  Hemp aromatherapy is a healthy and clean way to incorporate hemp into your daily life.  Essentials oils are synonymous with aromatherapy, but there are other ways to benefits from the hemp essential oil… and that’s through the skin, and for that, we need a carrier oil, like hemp oil.

Where to buy?

Use tested, safe and reliable hemp derived essential oil products at all times.  Where it used to be a DIY project to make your own CBD infused essentials oils, you can now buy hemp essential oils in 15ml bottles with 450mg or 1500mg of hemp in a variety of essential oils notes from Rosemary to Lavender to Peppermint.  This takes the guesswork out of dosing and makes creating blends to your strength much easier, also repeatable.

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What is hemp oil?

Hemp oil is a dark green (unrefined) to light yellow (refined) oil extraction that is made from the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant.  This oil is known as a carrier oil since it is able to be well absorbed by the skin and is able to carry other compounds that have been infused directly into your bloodstream, such as various hemp essential oils.  The hemp oil will help the hemp infused essential oils traverse your skin to your bloodstream.

Again, Does hemp oil get you high?  Absolutely not.  There is no detectable levels of cannabinoids in hemp oil, but you do get all the other beneficial compounds like Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, Magnesium, Amino Acids, Vitamins and so much more.  Hemp oil is a fantastic carrier oil when used properly and is highly sought after in pure form, which can be hard to determine until its too late.

Where to buy?

Hemp oil, like all oils, should be purchased from reputable businesses with plenty of good reviews or a good word-of-mouth review from a trusted source.  There are many mixed and diluted oils being sold that will lower the benefits and often the shelf-life.  Amazon is a good source with 1000s of reviews on many hemp oils as well as manufacturing supply companies like Candlescience.  Beware of diluted products which can lessen the shelf life and visually separate in the container.  Making sure you buy quality natural products for your body and skin is important.  When you find them, leave positive reviews so others can benefit from your experience.  If you ever do find yourself with a less than reliable product, you should always contact the supplier to have the situation rectified.  If they refuse, you can always leave a review that will help others avoid the same mistake.

As you can see, hemp oils can be very confusing but knowing which you are looking for and how to find reputable products is not that hard.  With a little understanding and little research, you will find the oils you are looking for, whether it be hemp essential oils or hemp oil.

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