How to make a CBD Candle with CBD Essential Oils

Candles are delightful. In our home, we have many great smelling candles from many different small businesses and some bigger ones as well.  They are easy to swap out with a new scent any time of year and add an air of elegance when properly placed.  They can fill in an empty corner or turn a Tuesday dinner into a romantic candlelit experience.  The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

What is a CBD Candle

Does a CBD candle work?

Essential Oils or Fragrance Oil

If fragrance oil, click here to see the guide on How to make a CBD Candle with CBD Oil.


Thermometer, Melt Pot, Stirring Utensil, Scale.

Choosing a wax

Soy wax is a popular and easy wax to work with, especially for those just beginning to make candles.

Choosing a vessel

The vessel should not be made of plastic or something that will crack under heat.  Glass is the most popular option for its availability.

Choosing a wick

The size and type of wick will depend on the size of the vessel you are using and its opening size.  Opening on wider vessels require the wick to get a bit hotter in order to create a full melt pool.  If the vessel is over 3 inches, 2-3 smaller wicks may be a better option.


Prep 1:

Pull out the number of wicks needed and wick stickers.  Place 1 sticker on the bottom of each wick and affix to center of the bottom of the vessels.  Use the metal wick holders to ensure wicks are center.  Line up candles in a ready to pour position.

Prep 2:

Weight out the wax.  Having a little wax leftover is good for second pours – more on that later.  If you are doing a 12 ounce jar, it will only fit 9-10 ounces of wax.  Wax has a lower density and will fill up more volume at the same weight – about 1.1 times the volume.

Prep 3:

Weigh out or portion out the scent to use.  This recipe calls for Broad Essentials CBD Infused Essential Oils which will use about 0.5oz EO to 8 ounces of wax (about 750mg per 8oz wax filled candle).

Step 1:

Pour the wax into the melt pot.

Step: 2

Melt the wax by adding about an inch of water to the bottom of a pan and placing the melt pot inside.  The melt pot should stand on its own but move easily when pan is shifted.  Turn heat to medium and allow to heat up.  After a few minutes the wax should begin to melt around the edges.  If not, turn the heat a bit higher.  Using a thermometer, heat wax to 185 degrees if adding color or 160 degrees minimum if not.

Step 3:

Remove melt pot and dry sides so not water makes it into the wax.

Step 4:

Stir the wax slowly until it reaches 145-150 degrees.

Step 5:

Add the CBD essential oils and stir for 90 seconds.  Do not stir fast as it will create air bubbles in the wax and lead to pits and tunneling.

Step 6:

Pour the wax immediately after stirring.  Do not move until wax has hardened (6+ hours).

Step 7: Curing

Allow the candle to cure in a dark, cool area for 1 -2 weeks for optimal aromatics.