Motivating and Relieving Peppermint CBD Water Recipe

Add the benefits of essential oils and hemp to your own hydrating beverage with this Peppermint CBD Water recipe.  There are many CBD drinks you can use during workouts to increase your motivation, improve performance and decrease your stress levels.  If expensive CBD drinks aren’t in your budget, then here is an easy to make workout drink that will reduce fatigue, incerase energy levels, increase your stamina and reduce any associated pain and inflammation at the same time.

Keeping fit, mentally and physically is important. There are many ways to use essential oils in your daily life, from relieving pain and stress to increasing motivation and boosting your mood.  Essential oils are great for this, especially when they are infused with the relieving benefits of CBD.  Today we have a simple recipe for adding a boost to your workout routine using Peppermint CBD Essential Oil and simple glass or bottle of water!

What does Peppermint CBD Essential Oil Do For You?

Peppermint is a energizing yet soothing and pain-relieving powerhouse oil that is a staple for many who utilize aromatherapy.  Peppermint, specifically Mentha Piperita, has a warm, slightly sweet minty aroma that invigorates your mind and body.  Often used to relieve pain, peppermint also has other effects on your body that may surprise you.

How do you make CBD Peppermint Water?

Making your own Peppermint CBD Water at home is easy with our new line of CBD infused essential oils, which, of course, includes peppermint.  Whether you are new to CBD and essential oils or you have had a long term relationship with any one or both, we have 2 strengths to meet your needs and tolerance.  Our Peppermint CBD Essential Oil comes in 15ml bottles with up to 300 drops in each bottle and is available in 450mg and 1500mg strengths.  Each 450mg bottle has about 1.5 mg per drop and our 1500mg bottles have about 5mg per drop so you can find your right dose for your workouts and post-workout routines.  For those who are new to both, we recommend the 450mg so you can get a microdose of about 1.5 to 3 mg per drink rather than the 5 to 10mg per drink with our higher strength.

Peppermint CBD Water Recipe

This one is simple and doesn’t require anything more than a bottle of our CBD infused peppermint essential and glass or bottle of water.  Ready for this?

Just add 1-2 drops per 8oz of water!  Give it shake or stir and your ready to go!