be.Healthy CBD Essential Oil Blends Set


Be.Healthy CBD Essential Oil Blends include 4 health promoting blends to help you reduce worry, purify the air, create a peaceful environment and get restful sleep you need to fight or prevent seasonal illnesses! Each 15ml bottle is infused with your choice of 450mg of infused CBD or 1500mg of infused CBD for increased therapeutic relief whenever you need it, morning, noon or night.  Get the best sleep ever, ease your mind of worry and stress, create a calm environment and purify the air with a fresh, clean scent. All the things you need to stay healthy all winter long!


Each CBD essential oil blend has its own therapeutic and physiological benefits designed to work in concert with each other to help boost your immune system naturally.


Life is stressful, but your home does not have to be.  Create a peaceful and calm setting.

Relaxes and calms your body and mind so you can focus on what’s important.

Lavender CBD Essential Oil


In stressful times, worrying thoughts dominate the mind, but with our mind easing formula, you can clear your mind and boost your mood.

Relaxes your body and helps to ease your mind of worry and stress.

Peppermint CBD Essential Oil


Odors, bacteria and germs live in the air.  Purify the air naturally.

Clear the air and reduce worry and stress with this purifying blend.

Sweet Orange CBD Essential Oil


Boost your immunity, relax your body and mind and get the rest you need with this floral, herbal blend.

be.Sleep can help relieve symptoms of a cold or flu and give you the natural, restful nights sleep your body requires.

Lemongrass CBD Essential Oil

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