CBD Jojoba Oil

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Jojoba oil is one of the best carrier oils for your skin and we just infused it with the added benefits of CBD!  Our pure expeller-pressed Jojoba Oil is infused with 200mg of CBD for the perfect base for your CBD essential oils OR your favorite oils you already have at home!  Use it directly on your skin to balance, moisturize and replenish your skins natural youthful look and feel.  You can also easily infuse your favorite essential oils to help reduce acne, blemishes, pain, inflammation and much, much more.

Infused with 200mg of CBD per bottle.

100% Pure Expeller Pressed Jojoba Oil.

May help reduce stress, manage pain and inflammation, and protect and nourish skin.

Designed to be used directly on skin or to help dilute essential oils.

CBD Essential Oil Key Features
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Pour 1tsp to 1tbsp of oil into your palm and massage directly into your skin.  You can also use a cotton swab or facial brush to apply the oil.  To dilute essential oils, use the guide below to find a safe ratio for your skin.  Those with sensitive skin should start with 1-2% dilution and increase if needed.   For best results, use with Broad Essentials CBD infused essential oils.

CBD Essential Oil Dilution Chart


Keep our of reach of children and pets.  Pregnant women should avoid using with essential oils.  Contains ZERO THC.