Tea Tree Lemon Hand and Body Lotion by Leaf of Life Wellness is one of our most popular lotions due to its largely Tea Tree oil formulation that may help to balance oily skin and reduce blemishes.  Infused with broad spectrum hemp, Tea Tree Lemon Hand and Body Lotion help may help provide joint and muscle relief.  Infused with a blend of essential oils and deep penetrating carrier oils, our lotion is potentially able to reach the deepest layers of skin and muscle tissue allowing the lotion to provide moisture, inflammation and pain relief and skin protection where needed. Tea Tree Lemon Hand and Body Lotion is a fantastic protective and balancing lotion when used in the mornings to help your skin look it healthiest throughout the day. At night, our lotion can help remove oil and toxins buildup from the day. For best results use after a bath or shower and in conjunction with our other great lotions.