Top 5 CBD Essential Oils for Focus and Concentration

High CBD Essential Oils For Focus and Concentration

The world has changed and the need for high CBD essential oils for focus and concentration has grown.  With the pandemic still sweeping through our country, many of us are still working from home.  Working from home comes with many pros and cons.  You get to decide how to dress, which area you will work from in the home, when to take breaks and lunches and, for many, have no one hovering over you while you do all this.  On the other hand, you have to deal with all the distractions that come with working from home.  Children and other family members may be in the house at the same time creating distractions, watching tv or needing your attention.  Pets who may want to play.  You may be forced to share a workspace in the home with someone else who has to work as well.  There are many things in the home that can be or create distractions and deter you from getting your work done.

Don’t worry, we have a few hacks to help you stay on track!

Various essential oils have the ability to encourage better work habits and concentration.  Hemp derived CBD is also known to help calm your mind, body and increase focus.  Finding the right oil or blend will help increase your chances of a successful and less stressful workday at home.

Best CBD Essential Oils for Improving Focus and Concentration

High CBD Essential Oils for Concentration

There are several cbd essential oils that will help calm your mind and body, improve blood circulation and boost mental abilities.  With the infusion of CBD, the effects are even greater and often easier to achieve than with traditional essential oils.  For those with symptoms of ADD or ADHD, reducing distractions and fidgeting could be a major change in your work habits.

Peppermint CBD Essential Oil and Spearmint CBD Essential Oil are both energizing oils and can improve blood circulation which can lead to a noticeable mental and physical improvement.  Peppermint and Spearmint also help to relieve headaches that can accompany a hard workday staring at screens.  Diffusing either can help keep you more focused on the tasks at hand.

Blend High CBD Essential Oils For Focus

Creating your own blends form the oils above is one the best ways to improve you work day concentration.  There are many recipes for focus blends available here or simply create your own blend using your nose.

Candles with High CBD Essential Oils For Focus

High CBD essential oil candles are a great addition to your work desk.  There are several different candle blends available to help promote a better workday form energizing and creative ones like Citrus Rain and Lemon Aid.  Need to stop the fidgeting or calm your body?  Lavender Dreams or our Calm CBD candles are a good choice for enhancing a peaceful and calming atmosphere, especially during high stress times of the day.  Our best-seller hands down is, of course, our Focus blend.  Our Focus CBD candles are a blend of 5 CBD-infused oils to create the complete work promoting experience with each oil complimenting the others to promote calm, reduce stress, reduce distractions, increase concentration and increase mental abilities.

DIY Focus Topicals