Who We Are

Broad Essentials incorporated in 2020 bringing decades of knowledge and experience developing effective cannabinoid-based products under one roof.  We like the old adage, Keep It Simple Stupid… and that is how we develop our products…. all-natural, organic when possible, and with only the necessary ingredients needed to create the desired effects and relief for your mind and body.  We believe wellness products should be made with the highest quality of ingredients and be reliably effective every time you use them.  To ensure quality and reliability, we test every batch every step of the way from when it is in the ground, to when it is extracted and again when it is infused into our products.  We have developed partnerships with some of the best hemp farms in the US to provide premium extracted isolates, distillates and water-solubles.

Our Mission

Make life better

Our mission is simple, to make people’s lives better, one step at a time.  You can’t change all at once, but adding a little help can help you go further.  Our products are designed to help you shatter your limits, whether its insomnia that keeps you up, pain that limits your activity or stress-filled days that make you want to scream.

Buy with confidence 

Our guarantee to every customer is that our products are reliable, uniform and effective.  Since CBD is not a one-size-fits-all, we understand that not all products will work for everyone and that’s why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if we cannot find or develop a more effective product for you.   It’s not about the money, it’s about living a better life.

All of the active ingredients are tested for purity and safety.  All of our test results are accessible through our lab test page.

Meet the professionals who make up Broad Essentials

Lauren Cope - CEO and co-Founder of Broad Essentials

Lauren Cope

Lauren Cope is the CEO and founder of Broad Essentials.  Her love of essential oils and all-natural alternative medications such as hemp and desire to help others relieve their debilitating conditions without the use of prescription medication led to the creation of Broad Essentials.  Her background in retail merchandising, product placement and brand awareness helped her understand the needs of consumers and how to best orient the brand for success.

Chris Cope - President and Chief Formulator of Broad Essentials

Chris Cope

Chris is the President and cofounder of Broad Essentials and has over 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry.  Working as a grower and dispensary owner under California’s Prop 215, Chris has worked directly with many of the industry’s top companies, learning and acquiring essential knowledge about cannabis, its constituents and the science behind the plant.  He was one of the pioneers in CBD based products back in 2010 offering some of the first pure CBD based products to patients of his collective.  With the growing acceptance of CBD, and a move to Georgia to be closer to family, Chris is now the chief formulator of Broad Essentials, conducting research and testing of each product to make sure they are safe and provide the intended benefits.