CBD Isolates vs Broad Spectrum Hemp vs Full Spectrum Hemp

CBD Isolates vs Broad Spectrum Hemp vs Full Spectrum Hemp

There are many CBD products with many different types of CBD.  Some boast the benefits of pure CBD while others focus on wider spectrum oils.  From isolates to the different hemp oils, there are major differences within you should know about before you buy any CBD infused products so you know what you can expect.

Hemp Extract

Hemp extract is the crude oil extracted from hemp flowers.  It is often dark and thick and has a very strong plant-like flavor and smell.  This oil is the basis for the refined variations.

Full Spectrum Hemp

Full Spectrum Hemp is processed but retains a wide array of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavinoids, lipids and fats, and other plant materials as well as THC, up to 0.3%.  This amount may sound small, but the added benefits of the THC working together in synergy with other constituents such allow the ‘Entourage Effect’ to provide a greater beneficial impact on the body.  FSH oil is typically a darker green color due to the higher level of retained compounds.  The flavor is hard to mask and can be unappealing to many.

Broad Spectrum Hemp

Broad Spectrum Hemp is more processed than Full Spectrum Hemp and contains slightly less of the original plant materials, including THC, which is completely removed.  BSH is more coveted than CBD Isolate for its greater range of beneficial compounds which still work together in the ‘Entourage Effect.’  Since Broad Spectrum Hemp has had the THC removed so it does not take full effect of the ‘Entourage Effect’ like Full Spectrum Hemp.  The color of BSH is similar to FSH and the flavor can be similarly unappealing and hard to disguise.

CBD Isolate

For the beginning user, CBD isolate products can warm you up the vast library of CBD products available on the internet and in stores.  99+% CBD isolate is typically an off-white, fine crystal powder with little to no flavor.  CBD isolate has been heavily processed in order to isolate the key phytocannabinoid, CBD, from the hemp extract.  Often CBDV will also be present since it is a by-product of CBD.  Isolate has all the key beneficial effects of CBD.