Shop our best-selling CBD carrier oils for all your essential oil, skin-care and DIY crafting needs.  We have all your favorites including Hemp Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT Oil) with more being added monthly.

CBD Infused Carrier Oils

CBD Infused Carrier Oils

Take your botanical oil routine to a new level.

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Responsibly & Sustainably


Responsibly & Sustainably


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CBD Carrier Oils by Broad Essentials | CBD Infused Carrier Oils | CBD Infused Botanical Oils | Up to 2000mg per 4oz bottle


Here at Broad Essentials, we are 100% committed to quality and purity with all of our CBD Infused Botanical Oils.  You can safely browse all of our premium CBD-infused Botanical Oils whether you prefer skin balancing oils like Jojoba or Grapeseed or more nutritious ones like Hemp Seed and MCT Oil.

60 Day Money Guarantee on all CBD Products by Broad Essentials

If you are not satisfied with your order… you don’t pay.  Period.

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60 DAY



If you are not satisfied with your order… you don’t pay.  Period.

Indulge Your Skin and Senses

Our ultra-nourishing oil is more than just a carrier; it’s a superfood for your skin. Abundant in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, this luxurious oil deeply hydrates and restores vitality to your skin, leaving it supple, moisturized, and irresistibly soft to the touch.

Soothe and Rejuvenate

Bid farewell to inflammation and unwelcome skin conditions. Whether you grapple with psoriasis, acne, or atopic dermatitis, the anti-inflammatory properties of our Broad Spectrum CBD blend offer a soothing sanctuary, ushering in relief and enhanced skin health.

Anti-Aging Wonder

Transformative linoleic acid and oleic acids in our Hemp Seed Oil defy time, revealing the secret to ageless beauty. Witness the magic as fine lines retreat and youthful radiance returns, crowning you with a glow that speaks volumes of your well-nurtured skin.

Crafted with Care

Rooted in a commitment to purity and efficacy, our oil is conscientiously formulated, ensuring each drop carries the full spectrum of CBD’s wellness benefits. With every luxurious application, you’re not only beautifying your skin; you’re nurturing your well-being.

For Skincare Aficionados looking for a versatile treasure, our Hemp Seed Oil is the quintessential choice for unparalleled nourishment. Revel in the confidence of using a product that aligns with your values for holistic health and natural ingredients.

Jojoba Oil: Nature’s Gift for Balanced Beauty

Our CBD Jojoba Oil closely mimics the skin’s natural sebum, making it an exceptional ally for regulating oil production. Ideal for those grappling with oily or acne-prone skin, it offers a soothing touch, gently balancing your complexion without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue.

Calming Comfort: Anti-inflammatory Wonder

The anti-inflammatory properties of Jojoba Oil ensure calm and comfort for your skin. Its healing embrace works wonders on irritated or damaged skin, providing a protective barrier that fosters moisture retention and recovery.

Elasticity and Youthful Vigor: Collagen Boost

Bid farewell to the telltale signs of aging with Jojoba Oil’s collagen synthesis promotion. Embrace a supple, youthful skin texture as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles diminish, all while basking in the oil’s nurturing embrace.

CBD Fusion: Broad Spectrum Brilliance

Infused with up to 2000mg of premium Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, our Jojoba Oil transcends ordinary skincare. This powerhouse ingredient enhances the oil’s natural benefits, amplifying its soothing capabilities and offering a serene, therapeutic experience with every application.

Versatile Veneration: Infuse or Apply Directly

Whether you choose to enrich your favorite products by infusing with our Jojoba Oil or to indulge in its purity by applying directly to your skin, embrace the customizable journey to beautiful, healthy skin.

Hydrate and Heal with Nature’s Touch

Discover the key to perfectly moisturized skin. The high omega-6 fatty acid content of our grapeseed oil is not just food for thought; it’s food for your skin, nourishing deeply to bolster its natural barriers. Witness a transformation as acne fades and pores tighten, unveiling a smoother, more vibrant you.

Vitamin E: The Guardian of Your Skin

Arm yourself against the unseen assailants of daily life. With an abundant supply of Vitamin E, our grapeseed oil is a robust shield against free-radical damage, helping to maintain your skin’s youthfulness while supporting your immune defenses.

Lighten, Tighten, and Brighten

Grapeseed oil isn’t just effective; it’s a miracle in disguise. Feel the scars and blemishes become distant memories as your skin lightens and regains its elastic fervor, thanks to the gentle potency of our pure grapeseed oil.

The Culinary Companion You Deserve

For the health-conscious gourmets, elevate your dishes with a splash of wellness. Our grapeseed oil is perfect for salad dressings and other raw creations, promising to not only tantalize your taste buds but also contribute to a healthier heart.

CBD Fusion: Broad Spectrum Brilliance

Infused with up to 2000mg of premium Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, our Jojoba Oil transcends ordinary skincare. This powerhouse ingredient enhances the oil’s natural benefits, amplifying its soothing capabilities and offering a serene, therapeutic experience with every application.

A Natural Makeup Remover

Yes, it’s true! Our grapeseed oil can strip away even the most stubborn makeup naturally. Protect and pamper your skin even as you bid farewell to your day’s canvas.

Unleash the power of pure vitality with our Certified Organic CBD Infused MCT Oil—the impeccable companion to your wellness journey. As the essence of fractionated coconut oil, this treasure trove of health is lovingly crafted for those who pursue a life full of energy, well-being, and balance.

Key Features:

  • Certified Organic: Revel in the assurance that comes with the highest standard of purity.
  • Optimized for Infusion: Ideal for blending with CBD tinctures or your favorite essential oils.
  • Easily Digestible MCTs: Fuel your metabolism with medium-chain triglycerides that go easy on your digestive system.
  • Ketone Production: Support your keto lifestyle by maintaining that enviable state of fat-burning ketosis.
  • Gut Health and Weight Management: Foster a thriving population of beneficial gut flora to aid weight control.
  • Athletic Efficiency: Avid athletes can relish decreased lactic acid build-up and an uptick in performance.
  • Rapid Absorption: Experience the swift and silky harmony with which it melts into your skin, without an ounce of greasiness.

Indulge in the Nourishing Touch of Nature with Our CBD-Infused Sweet Almond Oil

Experience the sheer bliss of a revitalizing massage coupled with the wellness benefits of CBD. Our exquisite CBD Almond Oil merges the proficiency of 200mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil with the time-honored nourishment of sweet almond oil, creating an elixir that ensures your skin receives the tender care it deserves.

Catered to Your Well-Being

For those who appreciate the art of massage and seek an enhancement to their wellness routine, our CBD Almond Oil is joy in a bottle. Designed with massage enthusiasts, wellness seekers, and savvy CBD users in mind, this oil is a versatile addition to your self-care regimen.

Versatile and Richly Beneficial

Unlock the powerful potential of CBD with every drop. Our oil can be the base for your personalized CBD topicals or an enriching carrier for your favorite essential oils. Its broad-spectrum formulation guarantees a rich array of hemp plant benefits, minus the THC.

Delight in the features that set our CBD Almond Oil apart:

  • Rich Nourishment: Brimming with Vitamin E and fatty acids, sweet almond oil ensures your skin is treated to deep hydration and rejuvenation.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD: Bask in the holistic embrace of various cannabinoids, adding a layer of calmness and relaxation to your massage without any psychoactive effects.
  • Multipurpose: From diluting essential oils for a customized aroma to simply applying it directly onto your skin, the uses for our CBD Almond Oil are bountiful.

Why Choose Broad Essentials CBD Carrier Oils?

Mixing is not infusing.  CBD oil needs to be infused properly into carrier oils to be reliable and homogenous for use as a topical or even ingested.  We’ve made it our mission to provide the safest, all-natural CBD carrier oils by partnering with the highest quality hemp farms who meet our high standards for integrity, transparency and reliability and sourcing our carrier oils from reputable high end partners so you don’t have to worry about its purity or authenticity.

CBD Infused Botanical Oils That Fit Your Lifestyle

Choose which CBD carrier oils are best for you based your unique physiology and lifestyle.  Whether you are on a keto diet, love to craft your won topicals or just want to use our carrier oils for a skin care routine, we have the oils you need.

What Makes Broad Essentials CBD Carrier Oils Better Than The Rest?

We are the leader in CBD Infused Carrier Oils.  We use Non-GMO hemp extracts to make our Ultra Wide Broad Spectrum formulations with the widest spectrum of naturally occurring CBC, CBG, CBN and terpenes with zero THC.