Making your own CBD Roll-Ons has never been more fun than with our new DIY CBD Roll On Kit!  You can use your own essential oils and make up to 13 10mL rollers with 150mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil in each one at a fraction of the cost of pre-made ones!  We have recipes on our blog here that you can use to make your own calming blends, sleep blends, stress relieving blends, uplifting blends, focus blends and so much more.  Great for making your own special and unique gifts.  We also have DIY CBD Roll On Kits with essentials oils for those who are just starting out with easy-to-follow instructions and recommendations.  You can also customize the kit adding more roller bottles and additional bottles of the carrier oils. We also have kits with a CBD Essential Oil Starter Kit for even stronger roll-ons (Up to 250mg per bottle).