10 Best Ways to Relieve a Headache Naturally

Get relief for your headache or migraine with natural remedies.

Get relief for your headache or migraine with natural remedies.

Headaches… are a pain.

You can be out and about and having a fantastic day, when a headache comes on that can go from mildly annoying to debilitating quickly.  There have been many times I have been enjoying a fun day in the sun or a good movie and a headache absolutely ruins the ability to enjoy any of it.

Headaches can have a variety of causes and unfortunately, we just don’t know enough about them to avoid them altogether.  Many times, when we get headaches, it is our body telling us we lack something it needs, or something is gravely aggravating it.   It can be as simple as a lack of water or as complicated as a hormone imbalance.

Luckily, there are many ways to relieve a headache naturally.

Top Headache Triggers

Stress – Stress can cause muscles to tighten and pull which can lead to a tension headache.  Best remedy: Engage in stress reducing activities such as meditation, writing in a journal, reading, listening to music or laughing.

Sleep – Not getting enough sleep can easily lead to a headache as well increasing the chances of other triggers such as stress and hormones.  Best remedy: Create a sleep routine that works for you and stick to it.

Diet  – Lack of food and protein can lead to a headache to migraine while eating certain foods high in “nitrites, nitrates, yellow food dyes, or monosodium glutamate can be especially problematic” states Dr. Ashina of Harvard.  Best remedy: Avoid foods that coincide with headaches, if any.

Hydration – Drinking plenty of water during the day is critical for our bodies.  When we drink too many sugary or flavored drinks, our bodies are not getting as much water as they may need leading to headaches and migraines.  Best remedy: Drink a couple glasses of water and allow the headache to subside naturally.

Alcohol – Alcohol itself can be a cause of headaches although it is not known if it is the alcohol that causes the headaches or something else in the drinks.  Best remedy: When drinking alcohol, a good method to avoid headaches is to drink a glass a water in between drinks to keep your hydration levels up.

Environment – Headaches seem to happen more often during the fall and spring months.  Although scientists are not sure why this occurs, the suspected culprits include bright lights, smoke, humidity, intense scents and even cold weather itself.  Best remedy: keep a journal of when headaches occur and the days conditions.  After a few weeks, some noticeable variations may stand out such as smoke, bright light or cold weather.

Devices – Our device count has grown over the last decade and while some things have increased in size such as TV, our personal devices have shrunk.  Spending a lot of time on smaller devices can lead to eye strain and headaches.  Best remedy: Take breaks every hour so your eyes can relax.  Stop using devices 1-2 hours before bed for best sleep.

Hormones – Drastic changes in hormone levels such as estrogen is associated with migraines in women.  On average, women do get more headaches than men.  Best remedy: Utilize hormone balancing therapies.

Caffeine Withdrawal – Routine consumers of coffee, tea or caffeinated drinks can see an increase in headaches if there is a sudden change to how much caffeine you are intaking.  This is thought to be due to caffeine’s ability to cause blood vessels to constrict and when not present, allows the blood vessels to widen with each heartbeat and is thought to be the source of pounding pain in migraines.  This may also be the chief reasons migraine medications like Excedrin contain caffeine.  Best remedy: Drink a small amount of caffeine to help your body adjust.


When the most obvious solutions are not working, here are the best natural ways to relieve a headache.

6. Gummies

Gummies can be used for helping relieve a headache but have several pros and cons that should be considered.

PROS:  Does have good headache relieving potential.

CONS:  May take up to 90 minutes to provide full benefits.  Low bioavailability of the CBD.  Doesn’t target the headaches specifically.  May have other effects other than the headaches relief desired such as drowsiness.

EXPERT TIPS:  Use a product with nano-CBD for fastest results and greater bioavailability.

5. Tinctures

Tinctures are fast acting and can help reduce a headache when needed. Tinctures provide pain relief all over the body rather than just in specific areas. A tincture can also be used topically.

PROS: Benefits can be noticeable within minutes.

CONS: Doesn’t target the headaches specifically. May have other effects other than the headaches relief desired such as drowsiness.

EXPERT TIPS: Adding a low dose routine of a General Wellness Tincture can greatly improve many aspects of your life and potentially help avoid headaches before they occur.

4. Natural Pain Relievers

Natural pain relievers can be a savior when all else is failing. Many natural relievers use essential oils and herbs to provide relief. Our CBD infused balms, creams, lotions and oils can be used to provide relief from headaches when other options are not working as hoped. For best results, simply rub a little of the product onto your temples and massage until fully absorbed.


CONS: Not usually designed to be travel friendly.

EXPERT TIPS: While more expensive, higher dosages of CBD allow you to use less for things like headaches and minor body pains and should help the product last longer saving you money… and pain 😉

3. EO Rollers

Essential Oil Roll Ons and CBD infused EO Rollers can be an excellent source of pain relief, allowing your body to inhale the essential oil aromas while getting the topical benefits of the roller.  For best results, rub the roller ball onto your temples and behind the neck and allow to be fully absorbed.  Repeat as needed until headache has subsided.

PROS:  Very easy to use on the go.  Rollers typically have a higher percentage of essential oils – up to 10%.  Smell wonderful and not overpowering.

CONS:  Rollerballs have a natural limit on how much oil they can apply in one area of the body.

EXPERT TIPS:  30mL Rollers have a larger rollerball and can apply more oil into smaller areas of the body for things like aches and pains.

2. Candles

Candles can be a fantastic source of relief. The provide a calming atmosphere and can imbue your room with wonderful scents and fragrances. With the addition of CBD, CBD candles can relieve headaches and reduce stress on the body. For headaches and stress, any of our CBD candles can help. If you need something more uplifting or energy boosting, our Signature Scents such as Uplift, Citrus Rain, Lemon Aid and Focus can help ease aches while providing a boost in energy and mood.

PROS: Easy to use. Completely Natural. Benefits can be noticeable within minutes. Available with EO Blends and Fragrance Oil. Can be extinguished when desired benefits are reached.

CONS: Must be extinguished when unattended. Must trim wick each use. Should use at least 1 hour to reach a full melt pool and keep candle top even.

EXPERT TIPS: Make sure you are buying healthier burning waxes such as Soy, Coconut or Apricot. A good and well-crafted candle will not give off much soot. Frosting on candle is normal over time with Soy candles and means the crafter did not use additional additives in their blend for a cleaner burning candle. Can be used in combination with a Natural Pain Reliever.

1. Diffuse Essential Oils

If you already dabble in essential oils, then you probably already know it can be a lifesaver when needed.  Essential oils can help your sleep, wake up, boost concentration and of course, relieve headaches.  With the addition of CBD, a natural complement to the terpenes in essential oils, you can boost the efficacy of essential oils.

PROS:  Completely natural.  Smells great when used alone or as a blend.  Both CBD and Essential Oils use the nasal passage to quickly enter our bodies and provide near immediate relief in many cases.  Can be used with an intermittent setting on diffusers to turn off and off in desired intervals.

CONS:  Must have a diffuser.

EXPERT TIPS:  Best when diffuser is within a few feet for optimal benefits from CBD.  Can be used in combination with a Natural Pain Reliever.