5 reasons why you should be mixing essential oils with carrier oils

We get asked all the time about mixing essential oils and carrier oils….

Can I use essential oils directly on my skin? 

Can I rub carrier oils directly on my skin?

What do carrier oils do? 

Why you should be mixing essential oils with carrier Oils

Can essential oils be used directly on skin?

The short answer is yes, for those that are gentler on your skin like lavender, but there are many benefits to mixing essential oils with carrier oils.  Besides the fact that essential oils are highly concentrated oils that can cause irritation, rashes and other unwanted reactions, carrier oils can add their own benefits and even increase the benefits of the essential oil you are using.  Carrier oils are not only used to carry oils and other compounds into our bodies that cannot otherwise be absorbed by our skin, but are also widely used in many skin care products as well as by themselves as face washes,  cleansers and moisturizers.  Some are great at balancing oily skin while others are good at hydrating and protecting our outer layers.  Knowing why and how to use them is essential and will take your skin care routine to another level.

Here are 5 great reasons you should always use carrier oils with essential oils.

1. Less can be more with essential oils

Using carrier oils has one major notch in its corner for its initial benefit; it is diluting a concentrate that can irritate the skin, eyes and more.  Essential oils are extremely concentrated and as such can have adverse reaction when they come into contact with our skin.  Rashes, redness, inflammations, itchiness and even a burning pain can all result from essential oils coming into contact with allergy prone or sensitive skin.  Mixing essential oils with carrier oils helps to dilute the amount of essential oil coming into contact with your skin and help to carry the oils deeper into your body.

CBD Essential Oil Dilution Chart
Jojoba Carrier Oil

2. Carrier oils can penetrate deeper

Carrier oils are just that, carriers.  They carry whatever you are infusing into the oil directly into your skin and into your body.  While essential oils are absorbed through the skin, using a carrier oil can reach deeper layers of tissue depending upon the carrier you are using.  Most carrier oils are able to reach deep through the skin and aid muscles and joints as well, and much faster.

3. Carrier oils add skin moisturizing and nourishing benefits

It’s no secret many essential oils are great for your skin.  But so are carrier oils.  Whether you prefer non-greasy ones like Jojoba and Fractionated Coconut Oil or oilier ones like Olive Oil or Emu Oil, they all have extremely beneficial skin care properties from moisturizing to nourishing.  Some, like Jojoba, can help aid in healing and reduce blemishes, balancing oily skin and helping your skin look healthy, superb secondary effects when used with essential oils like Frankincense or Lavender.

Skin benefits of carrier oils

4. Essential oils last longer in carrier oils

Carrier oils are not volatile like essential oils.   Essential oils evaporate at a high rate which is what give us those pleasant aromas, but also means that when we use them topically, they are evaporating as fast as they are being absorbed, which means you are losing a good portion of the oil and the benefits that go with it.  avoid this loss by using a carrier oil to stop the evaporation.  This also means…

5. More remains on your skin longer

Rubbing peppermint into your temple can help relieve headaches, but you might find you have to do it a few times to get the full relief.  A better way is to squeeze a little carrier oil into your palm, add a couple drops of peppermint and then run the mixture into your temples.  Not only will the peppermint be able to reach deeper through your skin, but it will also provide a longer period of relief since it does not evaporate and remains infused with the carrier oil until it is all absorbed.

Those are the most important reasons we should always use carrier oils with our essentials oils for topical use.  Using essential oils on your skin has many benefits and they are used in numerous beauty and recovery products… and all have carrier oils to do the hard work that allows the oils to flourish.  If you are looking to the get the most out of your oils, using a carrier oil will always be more beneficial than direct skin use.  be.Happy, be.Healthy, be.Essential!