5 essential morning habits to improve your productivity

The best ways to boost your daytime productivity

The best ways to boost your daytime productivity

Mornings can be rough for many of us. Find a morning happy spot, whether it’s inside close to a window, a corner nook or outside on a patio( or deck in my case) and try to make the most of your morning. For many of us, this is the only time of day for a little peace and quiet.  Here are…

5 essential morning habits to help put your day on the right track

5 morning habits to make your day more productive

1. Don’t hit that snooze button!

5 or 10 more minutes are not going to change how you feel. Instead, use that 5 or 10 minutes for something beneficial like washing your face or taking a quick shower. Both will help wake you up, give you a sense of productivity early in the morning and give you a boost to continue your morning routine.

2. Don’t jump on your phone!

Checking your phone can start your morning off with an unnecessary sense of urgency. This can lead to higher stress levels as you begin to think or even worry about your tasks for the day. Give yourself a little time to think before you let the outside world in and avoid any potential bad news.

3. Eat a high protein breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for several reasons. First, we all need energy to get going. Sugary foods give you energy, but it is only temporary and can come with a crash. Protein, especially if you can hit the magic 30 gram number, helps to fuel our brain and get the body energized with a long lasting boost. Some foods that are good for breakfast and high in protein are eggs (2 eggs = 13g), Greek yogurt (7oz = 20g), low fat cottage cheese (½ cup = 14g), turkey sausage (2 oz = 14g), milk (1 cup = 8 g), cheddar cheese (1oz = 6g) and whole wheat english muffin (6g). The list is long of foods high in protein so be creative!

4. Avoid too much caffeine!

I love my coffee in the morning. I used to drink at least 2 cups in the morning to give me the energetic boost I needed to continue. Having to drink more than 1 cup of coffee is a sign that your morning routine is not waking you up properly. It may be because you are not getting enough sleep, or in some cases, that you actually are oversleeping. For me, it seems to be about the comforting warmth of the coffee, especially on cold days. You can try tea if this is the case. I add a drop or two or essential oils (Lemon, Orange or Peppermint) to help wake me up naturally as well. They add a little bit of flavor to the tea and give you an energizing boost while lifting your mood in the right direction.

5. Exercise or walk!

Yes, the idea of using energy you don’t already have in the morning can seem counterproductive, but it actually will help your energy levels and mood. Many studies have shown exercise improves your alertness, focus, and productivity. Your levels of cortisol, a hormone that helps keep you awake, peak about 8am for most of us. This can be the best time to get your body moving and blood flowing by going for a quick walk or doing a morning exercise routine. Mornings also typically have less distractions so getting your exercise in then can be the easiest.

Try these habits for a week and we guarantee you will notice a difference in how your days go!