• Leaf of Life Wellness Extreme Recover Balm Leaf of Life Wellness Extreme Recover Balm

    Extreme Recover by Leaf of Life Wellness

    Extreme Recover is a topical muscle pain reliever with a blend of 17 essential oils, a proprietary carrier oil blend, DMSO and Broad Spectrum Hemp.  Each essential oil adds a new layer of protection and therapy for your skin, joints and muscles.  Leaf of Life Wellness Extreme Recover uses a proprietary blend of carrier oils to deliver the deepest penetration right down to your sore, inflamed or achy muscles.  Use Extreme Recover before and after strenuous activities for the best all around relief.  Available in 20z and 4oz.
  • Muscle Comfort Phytocannabinoid Massage Oil uses a combination of warming elements, like camphor, along with other essential oils and broad spectrum hemp that may provide for deeper muscle penetration, and possibly allowing for the release of extreme muscle tension and pain.  Muscle Comfort Massage Oil may be able to provide relief for pulled or sore muscles and also can also be used for full body massage.
  • Muscle Comfort Dead Sea Salt Soak was developed to provide the ultimate 'spa-lie' bath-time experience utilizing organic essential oils, broad spectrum hemp and Dead Sea Salt that may help to relax and soothe your entire body. Our Muscle Comfort Soak may be able to provide an array of relief from the daily grind including stress relief, sore or stiff muscles and a variety of skin conditions that benefit from the Dead Sea Salt such as Eczema and Psoriasis potentially leaving your skin healthy and your mind and body relaxed.
  • Therapeutic B.S.H. Massage Oil uses a combination of essential oils, including ylang ylang, ginger, lavender, geranium, rosemary, and Broad Spectrum Hemp.  This exclusive formula may provide additional benefits for the ultimate relaxation and stress-relieving massages. Great for full body massages and can also be used in conjunction with Extreme Recover balm for deeper penetration that may be able to provide a higher degree of relief.  May also provide relief from restless leg syndrome.
  • Lotions are great, but when you need relief deep in your muscles tissue, there is no substitute for a balm like Soothing Hemp Foot and Leg Balm.  The proprietary formula in Soothing Hemp Foot and Leg Balm may potentially provide pain relief and loosen muscles within minutes using carrier oils that start with relief to the upper skin and muscle layers and keep working until it reaches the deepest muscles.
  • The Ultimate Lavender Lotion is a night-time lotion that may help reduce and prevent inflammation and pain while potentially leaving your skin looking its best.  When formulating Ultimate Lavender Lotion, we brought together the best essential oils to help alleviate the stresses on your body a long day can bring. Infused with a proprietary blend of essential oils, minerals and broad spectrum hemp, the Ultimate Lavender Lotion may work to reduce joint pain and inflammation, muscle stiffness and soreness and promote relaxation and healthy blemish-free skin.
  • Lemongrass and Sage Hand and Body Lotion is a complete hand and body lotion developed to be used as part of your daily routine that may prevent daily pain or swelling while providing you with youthful, soft and smooth skin. Lemongrass is a strong anti-oxidant that can help protect your skin from aging as well as act as buffer for the brain protecting your mind. Lemongrass and Sage may help to relieve irritating skin conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis with its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Combined with the other essential oils and minerals within the lotion, Lemongrass and Sage Hand and Body Lotion protects your skin and leaves it looking healthier than ever!
  • Tea Tree Lemon Hand and Body Lotion by Leaf of Life Wellness is one of our most popular lotions due to its largely Tea Tree oil formulation that may help to balance oily skin and reduce blemishes.  Infused with broad spectrum hemp, Tea Tree Lemon Hand and Body Lotion help may help provide joint and muscle relief.  Infused with a blend of essential oils and deep penetrating carrier oils, our lotion is potentially able to reach the deepest layers of skin and muscle tissue allowing the lotion to provide moisture, inflammation and pain relief and skin protection where needed. Tea Tree Lemon Hand and Body Lotion is a fantastic protective and balancing lotion when used in the mornings to help your skin look it healthiest throughout the day. At night, our lotion can help remove oil and toxins buildup from the day. For best results use after a bath or shower and in conjunction with our other great lotions.
  • Leaf of Life Wellness Lavender Dead Sea Salt Soak is designed to provide a 'spa-like' relaxing and soothing bath time experience utilizing organic lavender essential oils and naturally occurring CBD. The rich lavender therapeutic oils combined with naturally occurring CBD may help melt away the stress and anxiety of the day.
  • Detoxify from your daily routine! Leaf of Life Wellness Charcoal Creame CBD Masque helps to unclog pores and absorb environmental pollutants, oil, and dirt leaving your skin refreshed and beautiful. Charcoal masques are especially helpful for those with oily skin to help treat and prevent acne and blackheads by reducing the amount of oil in your skin. Refreshing and relaxing, treat yourself to Charcoal Creame CBD Masque and see how a little change in your routine can make a world of difference.

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