Tea Tree Immune System – 5 great ways to boost your immunity

Tea Tree Essential Oil can help boost your immune system

There are many pieces of information being passed around the internet during this Coronavirus (Covid-19) health crisis.  From home remedies to magical cures, there is a plethora of misinformation being disbursed.  The CDC and WHO have openly admitted they currently have no evidence to support any of the newest claims being made online.  Our best option, is to look to tried and true methods to boost our immunity and help protect us from germs and bacteria.  Aside from taking daily doses of vitamins and supplements to help support our bodies, there are many fantastic and natural ways to support a healthy and clean environment at home.

Tea Tree Oil and the immune system
Best ways to benefit from Tea Tree Immune System Support

Infuse a little Tea Tree essential oil into your life to boost your immune system

Essential oil aromatherapy is not just for setting moods or creating atmosphere.  The active inhalation of oils like lemon, peppermint, lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus actively help support our immune system and naturally cleanse the air around us.  Tea Tree Essential Oil is a natural immune system stimulant and a very strong anti-septic.  During a time when simply breathing open air can cause anxiety, reducing the amount of worry around the home can have a positive impact on your mental health as well.

5 ways to add Tea Tree Oil to boost your immune system around the home

    • Tea Tree Aromatherapy

      – Diffuse Tea Tree Oil in the main parts of the home to help cleanse the air and maintain a higher degree of sterility, especially if you have company over who you do not know if they are carrying any unwanted germs that can lead to viruses like Covid-19.  Better safe than sorry!

Tea Tree CBD Essential Oil | CBD infused Tea Tree Essential Oil
    • Infuse Tea Tree into household products

      – Add Tea Tree Essential Oil to a lotion or soap for additional immune support and protection.  Adding Tea Tree Oil to soaps and lotions can help keep your hands cleaner and create a buffer against germs and bacteria.

Tea Tree CBD Essential Oil | CBD infused Tea Tree Essential Oil
    • Tea Tree Oil Bath Soaks

      – A great addition to your routine when you feel icky or desire a total body cleanse.  Besides helping remove toxins from your skin, Tea Tree Oil can help scrub your skin and leave you with a fresh, cleansed feeling.  Sometimes you just need to FEEL clean.

    • Tea Tree Oil Lotions

      – Don’t want to Tea Tree oil to any of your store-bought lotions?  Adding an already infused lotion with Tea Tree oil to your daily routine can be easier than infusing your own and have greater effect since it was developed to utilize Tea Tree Oil specifically.  We recommend trying Tea Tree Lemon Hand & Body Lotion by Leaf of Life Wellness.

    • Tea Tree Oil Candles

      – Diffusing Tea Tree Oil for some can be an unwelcomed smell.  To reduce the amount of aromas in the air from the oils, you can find refuge with candles.  Milder than pure aromatherapy, candles can reduce the overwhelming aromas and still leave you with a pleasant and detoxified feeling.