Broad Essentails CBD Essential Oils - 15ml bottles - Low and High Strength Available

Broad Essentials (be.) is proud to announce the launch of a new line of 100% pure therapeutic-grade CBD essential oil for for CBD Aromatherapy and topical applications.  You no longer have to go through the long process of buying and infusing your own CBD to get the benefits.  Each essential oil has been selected for its therapeutic value and infused using a proprietary process with 99% pure CBD isolate for a stable and homogenized blend.  This, first-of-its-kind CBD infusion directly into a complete line of pure therapeutic-grade CBD essential oils with many of your favorite oils available such as Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Sweet Orange.   Allows anyone to add the benefits of essential oils and Cannabidiol (CBD) to their aromatherapy routines or directly into home-made lotions, soaps or commercial products.

CBD Essential Oil for Diffusers

CBD Essential Oil for Diffusers

Essential oils are volatile by nature and so is a CBD essential oil for diffusers.  They are constantly evaporating when exposed to air and as such, making a fantastic compliment to aromatherapy.  When infused, the inhalation of CBD infused essential oils can “trigger some of the same responses that come from consuming cannabis in other ways,” according to HelloMD.   This can include Calm, Relaxation, Renewed Energy, Skin Health, Focus and Headache Relief.

How is this possible?

From our noses to our brains, the olfactory system is filled with cannabinoid receptors.  The molecules from the infused essential oil enter the nasal passage and bind with receptors along the way.  “Because the limbic system and amygdala also contain CB1 receptors, a cannabinoid infused essential oil..” is able to provide many of the same benefits of CBD

DIY creations using CBD Essential Oils

Do-It-Yourself-ers are going to to love the endless applications of our CBD essential oils.  Our infused oils make adding CBD directly to lotions, creams and more as easy as adding a few drops.  From creating your own relaxing and pain-relieving massage oils to adding the antimicrobial properties of CBD to lotions, you can get the experience of high-end lotions and oils at a fraction of the cost and at the ratios you require. No more one-size-fits all with our 2 strengths to help crafters create the prefect blend and infusion levels.  Whether you want a few milligrams of CBD added to your commercial or home-made products or higher doses, our 3% and 10% CBD solutions allow you to choose your levels of infusion easily and with just a few drops.

CBD Essential Oil for Topical Infusions

Available in 2 strengths:

15ML bottle with 450mg of CBD (97/3)

  • Perfect for  low level infusions and applications

15ML bottle with 1500 mg of CBD (90/10)

  • Perfect for higher level infusions and applications.

Currently available in Peppermint CBD Essential Oil, Lavender CBD Essential Oil, Lemongrass CBD Essential Oil, Sweet Orange CBD Essential Oil, Eucalyptus CBD Essential Oil, Tea Tree CBD Essential Oil, Sweet Basil CBD Essential Oil, Sweet Marjoram CBD Essential Oil, Lemon CBD Essential Oil, Cedarwood CBD Essential Oil, Frankincense CBD Essential Oil, Spearmint CBD Essential Oil, and Rosemary CBD Essential Oil with more being introduced weekly.

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Pure-Therapeutic Grade CBD Essential Oils